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We are a small and agile company surfing the waves of the revolution that is happening in media and communications. We want to help businesses to understand the new communications environment that Internet in general and social media in particular have created.

Our focus is on companies working in business-to-business and business-to-government sectors, businesses that normally do not need to grab on to every consumer marketing fad that comes around but now are in a situation where they need to take action to protect their brands and develop their presence in social media environments.

We will tell our clients what they need to do, what they should do and also what they shouldn’t do in social media. We will also demonstrate the benefits and rewards that content marketing can bring.

We can guide our clients to the required path of successful social media strategy through consulting and training or we can develop and implement the strategy on behalf of our client.

All this we will do better and cheaper than your garden variety media or ad agency because we have unique experience of the challenging business environments and demanding audiences of our B2B and B2G clients.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland and around the world when required.

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We offer our clients a complete set of services to outsource their content marketing and community management

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